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Who is LOOP?


LOOP offers a broad range of services to both private and business users, but also offers services specifically tailored to the needs of retailers and manufacturers.


LOOP was founded in 2014 and is a fast-growing company with big ambitions. Meanwhile, LOOP  one of the larger players in the field of recycling, repair and reuse and one of the larger partners of retailers in the ever-growing mobile technology market.


​The absolute core of LOOP is to increase sustainability in the telecom sector and so we put maximum effort into repair, reuse and recycling. We attach great importance to responsible entrepreneurship and ensure that we maintain an open corporate culture, with an eye for the personal well-being of our employees. 


LOOP is part of A&C group. A&C is one of the major distributors in the consumer electronics and accessories market. 
LOOP partners with Samsung Mobile and operates the repair and service for the Samsung Service Centers and Samsung Experience Centers. 

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