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Sell your device

Did you know that your old device is worth money?


Have you come across the smartphone of smartphones? In need of a new tablet? Does your Smartwatch no longer match your wardrobe?  Or just ready for something different? 


We will buy your old device and give you a fair price in return. So you can invest that money in a protective case for your new one, or have a drink on a terrace. (We don't care what you do with the money you earn, really...).

What does matter to us is that your old device doesn't just end up on the e-waste heap, but gets a new owner, or at least is recycled properly. And we take care of that...

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How does it work?


Register your device(s) below

Send the device(s) to us for FREE using the shipping label we will give you

We will send you a grading report of the submitted appliances, including a value determination

If you agree to the sale, we will pay you the amount (by bank transfer).

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