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Through our repair services, we extend the life of a product. For packaging, shipping, transport, ... LOOP is continuously looking for more sustainable solutions


What can be reused does not end up in the waste spiral. At LOOP, we do our absolute best to give as many products as possible a second life


Products at the end of their life cycle will be disassembled for usable parts or are recycled responsibly by us and our partners

Our services

Retail services

Your turnkey solution to open your own branded shop. We also support you in positioning your brand online and managing your marketing campaigns


With our buyback programmes, we extend the life of a device and give them a second life with a new owner

Return chances

We process a lot of consumer electronics from the return handling below. At Loop, we are happy to give these products a second life after thorough inspection

Onze diensten


Besides purchasing electric scooters and spare parts, you can also come to Loop for repairs. We will gladly make your electric scooter ready to ride again

B2B handset service

LOOP takes care of your business smartphones:

- Delivery of devices 

- Exchanges

- Repairs

- Training and support

- Data transfer

- Rental and leasing

- Security and safety

Return handling

E-commerce is booming, but what about all those returns? LOOP handles your flow of returns so you can focus on your core business

Loop in numbers

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