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  • What type of device do I have?
    The type is the name of your smartphone. This can be a type number (e.g. A710DS) OR a commercial name (e.g. A71). You can find the device type on the original box. If you no longer have it, you can look in the device's settings under 'about' or 'info phone'. There you will find a manufacturer's type number. Using that code, you can look up what type of phone it is. You will be able to find your type of phone in most search engines. Other useful sites are or You will also find an EAN number on the box, which you can use to find your type of appliance via the search engine.
  • What is the memory capacity of my device?
    The memory capacity of the device can be different depending on the model. With frequent models, you often have 3 or 4 versions of memory capacity. This is expressed in Gigabyte (GB) or Terrabyte (TB) . On the original box of your device, the memory capacity is mentioned. Using the EAN number, most search engines will also tell you which memory version you have. You will also find an indication of this in the device's settings under 'memory'. The most common memory types are 16GB, 32GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB.
  • What is an EAN or UPC code?
    The EAN (European Article Number) is a European number used to identify all products. The EAN code can be found on the original box of your device and is almost always accompanied by a barcode. The EAN is referred to as the UPC (Universal Product Code) on some brands
  • What is an IMEI code?
    The IMEI is the unique serial number of every mobile device that can connect to a SIM card or e-sim with a mobile operator. You can find the IMEI on the original box of the device OR in the phone itself: enter *#06# from the phone screen or via the 'emergency call' function An IMEI always consists of 15 digits
  • What if I don't have an IMEI code?
    Devices without a SIM or e-SIM such as tablets or smartwatches have a serial number (S/N). You can find this on the box or in the device's settings.
  • What is a 'working' device?
    Your device is considered working if: you can switch the device on and off via the power button the device can make and receive calls all keys are present and functioning all functionalities of the device work properly the device is complete, including battery and battery cover the device is not damaged and no parts are missing all mechanical parts are working properly
  • What is a screen burn?
    With a burnt-in screen, you will see some parts of the screen darker than normal. For example, the keyboard or some images may be permanently 'burned in' to the screen. You can check this by viewing your screen on a white background (e.g. the screen of messages or settings) or take a picture of a white sheet and put it on full screen. A burnt-in screen counts as a defect, and therefore also affects the trade-in value of the device.
  • What is a delaminated screen?
    A (touch) screen consists of several layers : tempered glass, the sensors, the image cells or LED, fingerprint sensor, etc. When these layers come apart, we call it 'delaminated'. This is often caused by fall or water damage. You can recognise this phenomenon by black spots or circles in the screen when you press on it.
  • What is a dead pixel or image line?
    Depending on the technology used, a display consists of separate pixels (LEDS or separate lights) or rows of LCD cells that are illuminated. Like everything else, these do not have eternal life. A 'dead' pixel or image line deviates from colour and can e.g. turn permanently black.
  • I have entered an incorrect device/different memory capacity
    Upon receipt, your device will be checked by our technicians for type, memory capacity, cosmetic and technical condition. We will adjust your order if unexpectedly it would not match the data you have indicated. So you don't have to do anything.
  • I didn't receive a confirmation email
    Please check that the e-mail address you entered is the correct one. Are there no spelling mistakes? If you discover an error in your e-mail address, please contact us via the contact form. Mention your name and the IMEI number of the registered device and the correct e-mail address. Is the e-mail address correct? Check your junk mail folder or spam box. Then immediately mark this e-mail as 'not spam', so that subsequent e-mails are not filtered out.
  • Proof of purchase
    A complete, legible copy of a valid proof of purchase of your new device, including indication of: the name of the shop/webshop where the new product was purchased the date of purchase (this date must fall within the promotional period)
  • Submit EAN code & IMEI code
    We ask for the EAN code and IMEI code or serial number of the newly purchased device according to the promotion you are participating in Copy, scan or take a picture; save this file as a JPG or PDF and click the 'choose file' button. Select the file. You do not need to cut the sticker from the box, a digital file or a copy is sufficient.
  • Promotional terms and conditions
    Promotion terms and conditions depend on the promotion in force and the participating sales point. You can find the sales and promotion terms at the participating point of sale.
  • Back up your data
    Before restoring your device to factory settings, it is recommended that you make sure you back up or copy the contents of your device. This can be done using an iCloud account, Samsung account, Google account or another cloud solution. You can also make a local backup on a computer by pairing your device with a cable and using a pairing programme of your device brand.
  • Remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection)
    FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is the blocking feature on a device to prevent the data on your device from being accessed by an unauthorised person. If you reset a device to factory settings while an account is still active on it, the device will also always ask for that account's data as soon as you reset it. It is important BEFORE resetting your device to factory settings to FIRST delete the cloud accounts (iCloud, Google account, Samsung account and so on) and only then restore the device to factory settings.
  • Remove iCloud
    iCloud is Apple's cloud service where you can make a copy of the settings, passwords, apps, images, videos, etc. of your Apple device. Before restoring your device to factory settings, you need to delete the iCloud from your device. How to do this can be found here
  • Remove Find My iPhone
    Find my iPhone allows you to locate your device in case of loss and block it if necessary. Before restoring your device to factory settings, you need to remove the Find My iPhone feature from your device. Find out how here
  • Delete your Google account
    A Google account on Android devices allows you to back up your device, locate your device or block it if necessary. Before restoring your device to factory settings, it is important to delete your Google account. How to do that can be found here
  • Reset to factory settings
    With the reset to factory settings, you erase all content, settings and passwords from your device. This returns it to the state as it came from the factory. It is important BEFORE resetting your device to factory settings to FIRST delete the cloud accounts (iCloud, FMI Google account, Samsung account and the like ) and only then reset the device to factory settings.
  • Remove SIM
    The SIM is a chip card that sits in your phone and determines your mobile number. You get the SIM from your operator. Do not forget to remove the SIM from your phone and put it in your new phone before you send it in. Should it still be there, we will destroy your SIM irrevocably.
  • Remove e-SIM
    E-SIM is a purely digital registration of your device on an operator's network, i.e. without a physical SIM chip. Before returning your device to factory settings, it is best to delete this registration in your device's settings so that your mobile number is transferred.
  • Remove SD card
    An SD card is an extension of the memory in your device. You can store videos, photos, backups and some apps on it. Remember to remove the SD card from your device before sending it in. If it is still in there, it will be irrevocably destroyed.
  • Print your shipping label
    Once you have registered your device, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming your registration. This e-mail contains a link that you can use to generate a shipping label. Click on the link, the shipping label will open in your browser, and then press 'print' or the image of a printer. Select the printer you want to print on and select 'full size'. Make sure the barcode, QRcode and data are not covered with tape. On the shipping label, also write your order number that you got in the email.
  • How can I package my device?
    Pack your device in a sturdy box or padded envelope. Make sure it cannot rummage around in the box by adding newspaper or kitchen paper. Also make sure your box or envelope is properly sealed. You are responsible for any damage during shipping. If your device has a value of 200 € or more, it is best to send it by registered post. Remember that postal sorting centres do not always treat parcels with the same care...
  • Where can I deliver my package?
    From the Netherlands: you can drop your parcel off at a PostNL pick-up point. You can find them here From Belgium: you can drop off your parcel at a BPost collection point. You can find them here
  • Do I have to send the box for my device?
    If you still have the box: please do! It protects your device extra during transport. It would be unfortunate if it comes to us with damage, as this reduces the final trade-in value. You no longer have the original box? No problem, but make sure your device is well protected for transport.
  • Do I need to send the case, cable, charger and accessories for my device?
    You can, but you don't have to. Most cables and power adapters can be reused for your new device. If you really have too many, or if you have defective cables and adapters, you can send them along. We will then recycle them for you, so they don't just end up on the e-waste heap. Chargers of Smartwatches and other wearables do need to be sent along. You can use cases to protect your device during transport. Place them upside down over the screen. Other accessories should not be sent along, they are best disposed of properly in the rubbish bin or at the recycling park in your neighbourhood. If you do send them, we will destroy them.
  • My device has a value of more than €200
    Is your device worth more than 200 € trade-in value, without any additional cashback ? We advise you to send your package by registered post. This way you can be sure that the package will reach us quickly and reliably, and your package is also insured in the unlikely event of damage during shipment. You send your device by registered mail using a postal service of your choice. You will have to pay the cost of registered mail yourself.
  • How much does it cost to ship my device to LOOP?
    Shipping your parcel is free with the shipping label we send you.
  • How can I track my package?
    A shipment from the Netherlands can be tracked via PostNL with the track & trace code on your shipping label. Don't forget to write down this code before sending your parcel. A shipment from Belgium can be tracked on the BPost website or app using the track & trace code on your shipping label. Don't forget to write down this code before sending your parcel. Have you lost your track & trace code? Then contact us by replying to the confirmation e-mail or via the contact form.
  • I receive an email with an adjustment to my trade-in value
    Our technicians have received your device and checked it for technical and cosmetic points. Based on that evaluation, your trade-in value might be adjusted. We will send you an e-mail asking you to confirm the new trade-in value so that we can disburse the amount. To confirm, click on the link 'I confirm the trade-in value'.
  • I do not agree with the quote
    In that case, you can contact us by replying to the e-mail or using the contact form. We will then ensure that your device is returned.
  • I want my device back
    If your payment has not yet been made: Please make your request for return via e-mail in reply to the confirmation e-mail or via the contact form. We will send your device back with PostNL We will then close the file. ATTENTION: if you took advantage of a promotion with additional trade-in value when purchasing another device, this promotion will also expire upon return. If your payment has already been made: your device has been processed and is no longer refundable.
  • How long will it take before I receive my payout?
    WITHOUT PROMO: As soon as your device is processed, you will receive an e-mail confirming its condition. That same week, your payout will be made to the IBAN you entered, so you will have your money in your account no later than the following Monday. The timeframe in this can vary, and depends on your bank. Allow a total of roughly 14 calendar days for shipping, processing and payment. WITH PROMO (additional trade-in value): we will send your order to our partner, who must give his approval. This can take 6 to 9 weeks. Once they give their approval, the value of your device + any additional trade-in value will be paid out. There is no way to contact our partner.
  • My payment is taking longer than expected
    Please check that you received confirmation from us via email of your exchange and the condition of your device. Payment will be made the same week. If you received an e-mail with an adjustment of the trade-in value, you need to confirm it first.
  • I entered an incorrect bank account/IBAN
    Send us a message in reply to the email you received and include the correct IBAN. This can also be done via the contact form, but please include your order number.
  • What does LOOP do with the memory chips in your device?
    Your device will be checked on arrival and fully reset by our authorised technicians. This way, we guarantee the protection of your data. In the case of recycling, the memory chips on the motherboard are destroyed by a certified partner. Any SD memory cards left behind are also destroyed. However, it is your responsibility to correctly disconnect the device from any Cloud accounts, reset the device to factory settings and remove SD cards and SIM cards. Please also refer to our Privacy Statement
  • I didn't reset my device
    Our technicians will check your device and reset it before further processing. If there is still an FRP block on it, this will also affect the final buy-back price. We therefore explicitly ask you to disconnect all cloud accounts and reset the device to factory settings before sending it back.
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