We start from the customer point of view


Today’s world is all about technology. At LOOP it is our passion to keep your customers up-to-date and get the latest technology in their hands and home.


Keeping customers going is our goal. Our services help your customers getting the most out of their devices, from installation to repair, from upgrade to end-of-life.


Using technology is all about surpirsing experiences. We bring technology alive by creating positive experiences when customers are experiencing problems.

LOOP’s ambition is to keep customers inspired and passionate. We achieve this by focussing on services that are crucial and rewarding. Bringing technology in new markets, allowing customers to try the latest technology, getting the devices repaired or exchanged and traded-in when they have served their purpose. We have a full spectrum of services available to guide your product lifecycle.

Our story

We have started LOOP out of a simple idea. We wanted to create a company that can help you in servicing your customer throughout their full product lifecycle. Therefore we created services that will follow each step of their journey, guiding them and supporting them but most importantly keeping them inspired and passionate about your technology